MEDIT i600 MEDIT i600

Digital Dentistry
at Your Fingertips

Get the power to take your practice to the next level

MEDIT i600 MEDIT i600
01 Light

245g featherweight with
improved grip for comfort.

02 Smooth

Automatically selects frames
to deliver
optimal scanned
images. Improved speed
a smoother scanning experience.

03 Vivid

Transmits 3D images via
auto brightening

The Simplest The Easiest

Take full control of your scanning with clicks of
one button. No need for numerous cables and hubs.
Simply Plug & Scan using a single cable for direct
connection with a PC.

Medit i600 Simplest image
  • Detachable Cable
    Detachable Cable Image
  • Scan Start Button
    Scan Start Button Image
  • 180° Reversible Tip
    180° Reversible Tip Image
Detachable Cable / Scan Start Button / 180° Reversible Tip
Medit i600 Product Image

The Brain of the i700 with a Splash of Color

Medit i600 Product Image
Super Accurate, Super Light, Super Fast. Just Like the i700

The digital workflow
begins with accurate data.
Medit i600 precisely acquires
data for effortless digital dentistry.

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*High accuracy
  Full–arch accuracy:
  10.9 μm ± 0.98

*Acquires accurate scan data from the anterior segment to the occlusal surface

Digital Dentistry
at Your Fingertips

Easy Does It All

Medit i600 can be directly connected to the PC
using just one cable, eliminating limitations
of wired devices between chairs and clinics
for a wider scope of treatment using scanners.

Before Image
After Image
Larger Scan Area
(Compared to the i500)

A larger scan area (15X13mm) captures more in
one swipe for a more convenient scanning experience.

Scanning Easier

Experience amazing digitized data
acquisition with Medit Scan for Clinics.
Our cutting-edge software technology makes
scanning more convenient for you.

Smart Scan Guide Image
Smart Scan Guide

Strengthened user guidance provides help for abnormalities detected during scanning.​

Smart Scan Filtering Image
Smart Scan Filtering

Enhanced A.I. filtering performance.
Ease the scanning process by filtering out
soft tissue such as lips, cheeks, and tongue.​

Smart Color Filtering Image
Smart Color Filtering

Automatically filters registered colors, such 
as the color of medical gloves, during scanning.​

Smart Stitching Image
Smart Stitching

Scan with your own scanning strategy.
Fragmented scan data are aligned with
automatically detected ​common ​areas. ​

Why Medit i600?


Treatment with accurate data helps improve
procedure satisfaction.
Consultation using 3D
images and Medit’s various applications also
enhances satisfaction for the overall dental experience.

Get More Done
on the Chairside

Never worry about the extra cost of using
complex programs and systems again.
The diversity of Medit Apps makes treatment
easier, simpler, and effortless.

Every Clinic

Whether you are a novice in digital dentistry
or looking into getting an additional scanner,
the i600 will make you a perfect partner.


Scanning Technology
Scanning Frame

Up to 35 FPS

Imaging Technology

3D-in-motion video technology
3D full color streaming capture

LED Source


Anti-Fogging Technology

Adaptive anti-fogging


10.9μm ± 0.98


248 x 44 x 47.4 mm

Total Weight

245 g

Tip Size

22.2 x 15.9 mm

Scan Area

15 x 13 mm


Autoclave 100 times
121°C 30 mins
134°C 4 mins (Pre-Vacuum Type)
135°C 10 mins (Gravity Type)

Reversible Tip


Special Mode
Remote Control Mode


UV-C LED Disinfection



USB 3.1 Gen1


Get the power to take your practice to the
next level with
our intuitive technology.
Medit supports your magical journey into digital dentistry.